A repository of ideas

This site is an ongoing sideline activity of The Strategists, a consortium of management consultants in Australia’s national capital, Canberra. There is no particular criterion for material to appear on the site; it simply reflects a few of our fields of interest. Some of the site is a “parking space” for references to the diverse research interests of our colleagues. Some of it is just for fun. Enjoy!

Ideas 1: The meaning of life (in five pages)

Bill Williams at Brownhill Creek240

Might as well start off at the big end ...
This is a fascinating short discourse by a world-renowned scientist about the origins of life and mind, which also speculates about their future.

Ideas 2: Matter of commonsense

Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex (NASA free image) -- for ROI index page

Continuing at the big end! A free PDF download of a book that challenges many scientific beliefs.

VFT painting by Phil Belbin, cropped_w

Ideas 3: Primary sources from the Australian VFT project

This provides some reference material about Australia’s visionary, but failed, ‘Very Fast Train’ project, including some cited in the Wikipedia article about the eminent scientist Dr Paul Wild, who conceived and led the project.

Crystal ball

Ideas 4: An editorial published on 1 January 1901
The writer looks back on 100 years and observes how little of progress was predicted and predictable in 1801, and says “Speculations as to the future should be indulged in with cautious reserve”. He was right!

William Alfred Webb (cropped)_r

Ideas 5: W.A. Webb, giant
William Alfred Webb was indomitable. He had to be to overcome the nepotism and inward thinking of the South Australian governments of the 1920s to radically reform the state’s railways, which were bankrupting the state’s treasury.

500 passes Penfield signal cabin (D McLean 1960) - Version 2

Ideas 6: Webb’s magnificent locomotives
They were of a size and power never before imagined in Australia.

Flying pig cropped_w

Ideas 7: Other ideas and interesting things